DAMES is an ESRC research Node in e-Social Science. Its main activities took place between Feb 2008 to July 2011, though some work and events have continued beyond those dates.

The Node's projects cover case studies, provision and support of data management activities undertaken by social scientists. By 'data management', we mean tasks associated with preparing and enhancing data for the benefit of analysis (such as recoding and constructing variables; linking datasets; 'cleaning data', and data 'preparation' or 'manipulation').

Specialist topics covered in DAMES are data on measures of ethnicity and immigration ('GEMDE'); data on occupations ('GEODE') ; data on educational qualifications ('GEEDE'); data on social care (see theme 1.2); and 'eHealth' data and research focussing on social patterns in mental health (see theme 1.3). The first three topics involve related online facilities and are known collectively as our 'Grid Enabled Specialist Data Environment' (GESDE) services.

Links to resources generated by the Node are on our 'Resources' page, and please see our news and events page for updates on ongoing activities such as our programme of Node workshops and capacity building resources.

Some introductory slides on the Node are available here, and see also ESRC project page for the Node. The DAMES Node is one of a number of Nodes and projects funded by the ESRC in the domain of e-Science. The 'Digital Social Research' project coordinates and promotes activites from many of these projects. Further summaries of UK-based 'e-Social Science' activities can be found at the archived pages of the NCeSS Hub; the Manchester e-Research Centre; and via the ESRC website.